Which Bute Town?

Large swaths of land across south Wales became part of the Bute Estate through marriages in the 18th century, and it is a reflection of the extent of this estate that we have 2 Bute Towns – in the south Cardiff Bay is known as Butetown, and on the northern edge of the South Wales Coalfield, on the edge of the Bute Estate, we find Bute Town – a unique workers' community built in the late 1820’s. This is the Bute Town that we’d like you to explore.

Bute Town

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Bute Town was built in around 1830 to house ironworkers but through its life it has welcomed people from across the UK and even from overseas, all seeking work and a happy life. If you visit this community you can discover the unique architecture of this "Model Village" where good quality houses with gardens and a sense of community must have been a real selling point for the Iron Company. You can also discover more about some of the people that lived here (on this website or by download the App or leaflet), and maybe meet some locals by calling for a drink at The Windsor Arms, the pub that has been at the heart of this community since it was built. You can also learn more about the area by visiting The Winding House blue_link_icon.png at New Tredegar, a unique museum that tells the story of the people of Caerphilly.


The distinctive archecture of Bute Town


Bute Town is just 100m from A465, on A469. Leave A465 at The Twisted Chimney!!

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