The People Who Lived Here - 1850's

1851 Wales Census – Glamorgan – Gelligaer - District 3a

In just 10 years the population of Bute Town had increased by more than 50% to 354, who lived in 66 households and there were still 20 empty properties. The average age was 22.58 years, and the oldest resident was Martha Davies (90) a widow who was born in Merthyr  Tydfil, who was visiting the Williams family.The Windsor Arms. Bute Town

The growth in population was mainly achieved by people moving to Bute Town from other parts of Wales and England (10 residents are listed as being born in England). Two families on this census illustrate this. John Hughes (50), a Cordwainer blue_link_icon.png (a shoemaker working in fine leather) had moved here from Tregaron with his wife and 6 children, and Evan Evans (57), an Iron Miner had moved here with his wife and 6 children from Towyn. The Evans household also had 4 visitors from other parts of Wales – so it must have been a very full household!!

Iron Mining continued to be the main employment in the area, with almost 60% of Bute Town workers being engaged. As well as Hughes the Cordwainer, we also have DaPhoebe Davies - 1851niel Thomas a Blacksmith, Mary Davies a Toll Gate Keeper, and  David Davies, although only 17 years of age, a School Master, which would have given him a much better life than his brothers and sisters who were all working in the mines. We also see that the Publican at The Windsor Arms is Daniel Davies (34) and his wife Phoebe, who lived there with their 4 children.

Iron Workers

Ironworkers from Rhymney


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Bute Town

A community of 48 houses built  along Collins Row, Middle Row and Lower Row in the late 1820's.

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