The People Who Lived Here - 1860's

1861 Wales Census – Glamorgan – Gelligaer – District 1 & District 2

The Census in 1861 was unusual as it is split between two Enumeration Districts. This is also the first time that we see the community named as Bute Town as well as New Town, and we also see Collins Row named specifically.Miner, horse and dram

The population had decreased a little to 318 spread across 74 households (there were only 2 empty properties), meaning that the average household was now 4.3 people. Whilst there were 5 residents from Ireland and 9 from England the majority were from almost every part of Wales (141 were born in Glamorgan, 27 in Monmouthshire and 35 in Brecknockshire). This is the first year that we pick up the Young family from Freystrop in Pembrokeshire, although we know that the first family members arrived in the area during the 1850’s. There are also quite a few residents who originated in  Montgomeryshire.

For the first time, more people were employed in coal mining than the iron industry. Phoebe Davies was now listed as The Keeper of the Ale House, following the death of her husband Daniel, and we can see that more women are being identified as having jobs, either in industry or as servants. We also pick up more scholars, although there appears to be a more methodical approach to listing this role on the District 1 return.

The Windsor Arms, Bute Town

The Windsor Arms and Middle Row

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Bute Town

A community of 48 houses built  along Collins Row, Middle Row and Lower Row in the late 1820's.


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