The People Who Lived Here - 1910's

1911 Wales Census – Glamorgan – Gelligaer - 1

Much had stayed Newtown Schoolthe same in Bute Town over the last 10 years, although the new school had opened. Isaac Young and his family still lived at 16 Bute Town (now named on the Census as Lower Row) and Albert Oakley was living with his sons on Middle Row, although his wife had died. The majority of workers were Colliers or employed at the Coal Mine, and 3 men worked as farmers. A Grocers was operating on Middle Row (the Bassett Family) and Evan Howells was a Butcher.

There were still 44 households in the village, and 32 students were listed. The language pattern had changed significantly with almost everybody now claiming to be bilingual (25 claimed to just speak English and 9 only Welsh).

Ordnance Survey Map - 1920


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Bute Town

A community of 48 houses built  along Collins Row, Middle Row and Lower Row in the late 1820's.

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