The People Who Lived Here - 1970's

Prince Charles visits Bute Town - 1975At this time many industrial housing developments were being demolished as “slums”, with the quality of the accommodation being seen as below modern standards.

The architectural and social significance of Bute Town was stressed and the area became a General Improvement Area. This was followed in 1973 when the original community comprising of 3 terraces was Listed (Grade 2) blue_link_icon.png as amongst the earliest example of planned workers housing in the Welsh valleys. It was recognised that there had been many changes to the exterior.

The significance of the site was stressed to the then local authorities, Glamorgan County Council and Rhymney Valley District Authority, and in 1974 improvements were planned for the housing, including re roofing and installation of new windows. This culminated with a visit to the village by The Prince of Wales in 1975 as part of the European Architectural Heritage Year.

Bute Town before conservation

Bute Town before conservation work started

Bute Town

A community of 48 houses built  along Collins Row, Middle Row and Lower Row in the late 1820's.


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