The People Who Lived Here - Nowadays

ButBute Towne Town is still a strong community and whilst Listed and a Conservation Area the residents are proud of their homes and continue to modernise them – some of the cellars are now modern kitchens, and continuing the pattern of change and adaptation, some of the cottages have been joined together to create larger family homes.

As throughout the communities history, the population is a mixture of those who have lived there for decades (continuing family traditions) and those who are living there for a short period to allow them to take jobs in the area. The exposed location means that the temperature is always lower than further down the valley, but the community is strong, and The Windsor Arms and St Aiden’s Church are still at the heart of the community.

Things keep happening in Bute Town - in 2012 Dr Who paid a visit!

Bute Town

View of Bute Town from the cyclepath


Bute Town

A community of 48 houses built  along Collins Row, Middle Row and Lower Row in the late 1820's.

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