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WGrave of Thomas Meyrickalking around a cemetery may seem like an odd pastime, but every graveyard tells many stories - stories of love, hope and despair. Idris Davies, poet,  is the most famous memorial here, but there are many other fascinating stories to explore.

  • Henry Valentine Trump MP, manager of the Rhymney Ironworks who died July 3rd 1893. It is believed that one of the first members of the Trump family to come to Rhymney was ‘qualified to practise the Veterinary Art’, and came to Rhymney from Devon to look after the horses and stables of the Rhymney Iron Company. Horses were highly valued, both for hauling ore, coal and limestone in the mining and iron industry, and as drayhorses for the Company’s Brewery.
  • William Thomas Bowen ME, agent to the Rhymney Iron Company, who lost his life in rescue work in the Darran Colliery disaster on October 29th 1909, aged 39.
  • A victim of one of the Valley’s cholera epidemics - a visit to near by Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery really brings home how devastating this disease was in south Wales before sanitation and clean water supplies were installed.
  • Lieutenant Albert King who died in action in France in 1917 age 23.
  • A heart rending inscription: John, beloved son of Timothy and Mary Clifford, who died May 7th 1905 aged 8 years and 7 months. Also of Leo their son who died in infancy. Also of Timothy their son who died Dec 14th 1922 aged 22 years. Also Alice their daughter who died Dec 18th 1923 aged 15 years. Also of Daniel their son who died May 28th 1925 aged 30. 

The Publicans

As you walk around you'll cGrave of George Turnerome across a section dedicated to the Publicans of the Parish - which some undertakers called "Rogues Corner". Here you will find, amongst others:

  • George Turner of the Royal Hotel, Rhymney, who died in 1898 aged 44.
  • Albert George Cook of The Blast Furnace in Pontlottyn, who died in 1905 aged 40.
  • Evan Jones of The Railway Inn, Pontlottyn, who died in 1897 aged 58.
  • Jessie and John Wood of Queen's Hotel, Cwmsyfion, who died in 1895 and 1897.
  • Edmund Parry of Beaufort Arm's, Rhymney Bridge, who died in 1899 aged 49. 

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